Santa Paula

Santa Paula is steeped in history. Wafting from its vintage brew are the heady fragrances of oil and citrus. Birthplace of the Union Oil Company of California and Citrus Capital of the World are just two of Santa Paula’s claims to fame. It has also been a center of the silent movie business when Gaston Melies held sway here with his Star Film Stock Company and home of the largest lemon ranch in the world.

Today Santa Paula has the greatest collection of vintage homes, commercial buildings, churches and schools in Southern California, and is the home of the Santa Paula Airport, Aviation Museum of Santa Paula, the California Oil Museum, and the Limoneira Company. Equally historic is the Santa Paula Cemetery which dates to the early 1870s and continues to serve the city. In addition, farms of the pioneers continue to produce under the skilled supervision of their farming descendants.

Surrounded by a sea of verdant agriculture, Santa Paula remains a preserved jewel basking in the Southern California sunshine.

Fillmore CA

The last, best small town in Southern California.
Fillmore’s motto is more than words. Sunset Magazine named Fillmore one of “The West’s Best Cities”, an honor given to only 24 communities in the western U.S.

Fillmore, the last unspoiled small town in Southern California is nestled in the heart of the Heritage Valley among lush citrus groves. Fillmore was founded over a hundred years ago beside a Southern Pacific railroad station, and it’s still a “railroad” town!